We have 3 Ice Dream Experiences; Vintage, Traditional and Prestige for you to choose from, starting at £325 plus an optional extra bit of fun with our Wedding Tandem Experience if you are looking for some unique wedding ideas.

See also our Other Services page for our new Sweet Trike/Candy Cart (pictured below) together with our other long standing favourites: Giant Garden Games, Wishing Wells and Wedding Post Boxes.

Book a matching Traditional Sweet Trike with your Ice Cream Tricycle and get £25.00 off (see our Other Services).


All our Ice Dream Experiences include the following:

  • Choice of Tricycle colour: Cream/Ivory is most popular but we do also have Pink, Blue, Red & Green
  • Choose from 30 flavours of delicious ice cream including seasonal limited edition flavours 
  • Attendance of one decorated Ice Cream Tricycle to your chosen colour scheme or theme (for large weddings, additional tricycles can be provided)
  • Attendance of one or more Ice Dream Team Representatives in traditional costume to serve you and your guests
  • Quality hand-made real dairy ice cream, locally produced with only the best ingredients
  • Quality waffle cones made locally, a far superior (and tastier) alternative to cheaper wafer cones
  • Additional boater hats of different sizes can be made available for your own photograph opportunities by request (includes smaller sizes for children)
  • Choice of authentic vintage number plate(s) mounted on your tricycle(s) to suit the occasion
  • Parasol ‘twinkle’ lights can be added for evening receptions if required

We believe wedding receptions with approx. 150 guests or more being served from one tricycle can have its limitations – after all, you can only serve so many ice creams in a set period. There is also a good chance of a long queue forming and let’s face it, no one likes to queue too long… especially for ice cream! Our solution… we can bring additional tricycles. This not only considerably reduces serving times but also gives you the opportunity to have a matching pair of trikes or go for a ‘His ‘n’ Hers’ option. Either way, two tricycles make for a well balanced display to really ‘Wow’ your guests and is of course twice the fun too!

We do not have company logo’s, phone numbers or web site details on any of our wedding bikes; they are completely unbranded on purpose in order they truly look the part in your photographs. For evening serves either indoors or outdoors we light the trikes up which will really give your Ice Dream Experience extra sparkle! whilst at the same time giving your wedding photographers plenty of opportunities to get creative.

Our Ice Cream Dream Sleigh for Winter or Christmas weddings is a truly unique and stunning wedding centrepiece. The only one of it’s kind, it is fully mobile and can even be ridden into wedding function rooms. Checkout our new Alpine Sweet Trike too on our Seasonal Events page.

Our price tariffs below are set and represent excellent value for money – we do not enter into any price matching scenarios with other service providers nor do we attempt to undercut other companies offering a similar service. Any discounts, e.g. seasonal offers or late availability will only be announced on our Facebook page.

For weddings where guests numbers exceed 300 (ideal for Asian Weddings) we can provide several options starting from £650 and can provide bespoke packages too as in the above picture, please contact us for further details.

For our latest wedding testimonials please visit our Your Dreams page.

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Your Ice Dream Experiences


1 large scoop of real dairy hand made ice cream served in tall plain waffle cone with a chocolate flake.

  • Choice of 4 flavours of ice cream
  • Personalised Menu Board


1 1/2 scoops of real dairy hand made ice cream served in tall plain waffle cone or chocolate dipped cone or 2 scoops in a decorated sundae dish.

  • Choice of 5 flavours of ice cream
  • Personalised Menu Board and Ice Dream Table with selection of sprinkles, toppings and chocolate flakes (self serve)
  • Chocolate dipped and plain cones and/or decorated sundae dishes to match your colour scheme making a fantastic display



3 scoops of real dairy hand made ice cream served in large plain waffle cone or large chocolate dipped cone or 3 scoops served in a decorated sundae dish. This serving is a mini meal in itself ideal for a main dessert.

  • Choice of 6 flavours of ice cream
  • Or 5 flavours of ice cream and 1 sorbet flavour
  • Personalised Menu Board and Ice Dream Table with selection of sprinkles, luxury toppings and chocolate flakes (self serve)
  • Personalised wafers – Bride & Groom’s names (or Mr & Mrs ‘Surname’) and wedding date printed onto wafers with ‘edible ink’
  • Chocolate dipped and plain cones and/or decorated sundae dishes to match your colour scheme making a fantastic display


The ‘Bicycle Built For Two’ dates back to traditional times (not to mention that song!) and what better way to start your married life together than pedalling down the road of life! Besides being so quaint and gorgeous, our Wedding Tandem makes for great photo and video opportunities. The Wedding Tandem provides a lot of fun and entertainment not only for Bride & Groom but also for Bridesmaids and of course the Best Man. Wedding Photographers love it, your guests will love it and you will too!

We will decorate the tandem to suit your colour scheme and it comes complete with traditional basket, bulb horn, brass bell, ‘Just Married’ sign, ‘L’ plate and not forgetting the obligatory wedding accessory of yesteryear… tin cans on string!

Our Luggage Wedding Post Box offers a unique way for your guests to send their well wishes too. It can be easily mounted on the back of the tandem providing a novel way to collect your wedding post.

Tandem Hire: From Only £65

Price includes both hire of fully decorated Wedding Tandem and Luggage Post Box complete with your own personalised luggage label with your wedding date on which is given to you as a wedding souvenir / keepsake at the end of your hire along with your wedding post.

Right: Our Wedding Tandem featured on the front cover of Issue 6 County Brides Magazine.

Note: Hire of the tandem is for the same period as the ice cream tricycle hire. If you require the tandem separately e.g. Hiring transport for groom and best man, or special photo shoot, please contact us for pricing and availability.

Above Left: Louise Harris & Dan Hill’s wedding day had it all, we even the served their 4 Yorkshire Terriers ice cream after posing for this pic with our tandem! 

Ice Cream Serving Times

Approximate serving times are usually around 2 hours for each Experience. However, we believe that Dreams should never be rushed and we are happy to stay longer if required (within reason) at no additional charge regardless of which Ice Dream Experience you choose.

Why Choose The Ice Dream Experience?

Our testimonials and reviews speak for themselves, however, if comparing our products and services with other similar companies, please bear in mind that we are able to offer you a choice in coloured tricycle, can provide more than one tricycle for larger guest numbers and we only use quality products in all that we do. We have years of experience providing a professional catering service to the highest level and are passionate about what we do.

Please also note that most of our Experiences include choc dipped waffle cones which in their own right are a more luxurious product. Our authentic decoration, attention to detail and presentation are carefully thought out and coordinated ensuring you get a truly great memorable experience.

We do not have company names, logo’s, phone or web site details on any of our wedding bikes; they are completely unbranded on purpose to truly look the part in your photographs. Some companies can use what look like modern domestic upright freezers just bolted on to a bike frame which isn’t a look we want for our clients.

We also offer a bespoke Wedding service so if you wish to create your own Ice Dream Experience we will be happy to discuss your individual requirements. We want Your Dream to come true – so please, just ask!

Out of Area Surcharges

The Ice Dream Experience is able to cover all North West England, North Wales and beyond to attend private functions, weddings and corporate events. However, due to some potentially long distances to transport our tricycles and equipment, a fair and reasonable surcharge may need to be added depending on number of guests and the venue location. Any surcharge will be fully detailed within any quotes given.


A non refundable deposit of £50.00 per tricycle is required to secure your booking, the balance being due 30 days before the event. All costs (deposit required, out of area surcharge if applicable and remaining balance with due date) will be fully itemised within any quotes given.